Helene Salzmann, German native speaker translator with over 20 years of experience.

Helene Salzmann is supported by a reliable network of highly-qualified external partners, who translate exclusively from the foreign language into their native tongue, while offering outstanding specialist knowledge and the ability to spot and deal with the fine cultural aspects of both the source and target language markets.

We offer professional translations in German, Italian and English for business, trade, technology and marketing.

Our translation office based in Chiuro, Sondrio, is a well-established company with over twenty years of experience in the specialist translation sector.
We stand for quality and on-time delivery with an excellent price-quality ratio, and provide the highest level of confidentiality to our customers when dealing with their information and the documents to be translated.

Information about our services

The translation process and the complexity of rendering the meaning of what is said require knowledge of specific methods and thorough research into the various subject areas with which the text is related.
Our main objective is to provide effective linguistic support to avoid the risks and dangers of incorrect and misleading translations.
Our role in this respect is to help you, quickly and reliably, to avoid the risks that sub-standard translating entails.


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